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Skunk Marijuana


Sativa 90% / Indica 10%
Breeder: Original Haze Seeds
Origins: Jamaican Sativa x Skunk
Indoor Clone Grow Time: 8-12 Days
Indoor Flowering: 70-75 Days
Harvest: Late September

Haze and its hybrids have been constant entries at the Cannabis Cup, placing or winning in multiple categories almost every year!

The original sativa from Jamaica with a light Skunk crossing, bushy tall plant with leggy stems and log gold tinged buds with narrow leaves. These plants can grow huge when given enough space, so yields can be high! Sugar and spice - lovely, pure and fresh flavor. A simple O.G. (not Original Gangsta, Original Green!) At first the high has you a bit OTT with short attention spans and all kinds of images rushing into your mind. After the "first wave", if you settle down a bit, you can really get into a groove of creativity: drawing, writing, making music or just thinking.

Haze is a late sativa from Amirica, widely agreed by experts to be the best pot in the world. Very popular in the 70's, it nearly became extinct in recent years as growers switched to easier varieties. We managed to salvage a few viable seeds from the last crop grown in America and we have used them to produce some remarkable hybrids. Haze is known for an extreme, almost psychedelic spaciness. The fragrance is complex and deep with a dry flowery perfume over a base of dark leathery animal tones. When used in a hybrid it adds fascinating notes of depth and complexity to the taste, ass well as a unique addition to the high. While not for everyone, the most jaded connoisseur will often find haze irresistible.

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